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CA Books

  • Taxmann GST Goods and Service Tax Ready Reckoner By V S Datey Edition September 2023
  • Dr. Vinod K Singhania Direct Taxes Law And Practice Professional Edn Assessment Year 2023-24 as amended by Finance Act 2023 DTLP
  • CA Vinod Gupta Direct Tax Modules in 5 modules for CA Final Assessment year 2024-25 Finance Act 2023 41st Edition
  • Taxmann Taxation of Real Estate Developers & Joint Development Arrangements with Accounting Aspects By Raj K. Agarwal , Rakesh Gupta Edition April 2023
  • Taxmann CARO with Corporate Practices By Srinivasan Anand G Edition August 2023
  • Gold & Taxation Meenakshi Subramaniam 2nd edn. 2023
  • Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 edn. august 2023
  • Centax Customs Law Manual (Set of 2 Volumes) By R K Jain Edition February 2024
  • Tax Practice Manual Mahendra B. Gabhawala edn. 2023
  • Centax Customs Tariff of India (Set of 2 Volumes) By R K Jain Edition 2024
  • Taxmann Customs Law & Practice with Foreign Trade Policy 2023 By V S Datey Edition April 2023
  • Taxmann Law Relating to Capital Gains By D.C. Agrawal, Sanjiv Dutt Edition April 2023