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CA Books

  • Commercial Special Economic Zones / EOUs / EHTPs & STPs Law & Practice Set of 2 Volumes By C.P Goyal ,O.P Arora ,A.K Sinha , Mayank Sharma Edition June 2023 sez
  • Taxmann Law of Evidence and Cross-examination in Tax and Allied Laws: Frequently Asked Questions By All India Federation of Tax Practitioners Edition 2024
  • Companies Act 2013 with Rules edn. 2023
  • Commercial CA Inter Accounting (Problems and Solutions) By Parveen Sharma ,Kapileshwar Bhalla Applicable for November 2023 Exam
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Ready Reckoner V.S. Datey edn. 2024
  • Taxmann Companies Act 2013 with rules edn 2024
  • Prof Dr. Jyoti Rattan PARTNERSHIP & LLP 3rd edn. 2024
  • Commercial CA Final Padhuka Practical Learning Series Advanced Auditing Assurance & Professional Ethics New Syllabus By G. Sekar Applicable for May 2024 Exam
  • Taxmann Limited Insolvency Examination MCQs & Case Analysis By Raghuram Manchi Edition June 2022
  • Snow White Hands On Credit Doing It Yourself By D D Mukherji Edn. 2024
  • Taxmann CS Executive Cracker Company Law Old Syllabus By N S Zad Applicable for June 2024 Exam
  • TAXBOOK+ (INCOME TAX - CONCEPTS) / Concepts, Tax Traps, Illustrations / With Tax Cruiser & Direct Support / CA Inter May/Nov 2023